The winery unites 400 families, who have been working together for over fifty years and have turned local wine making into a success story. On average, every family in Brda cultivates two to three hectares of vineyards, paying special attention to natural cycles and focusing on precise quality control.

The secret on how to take care of a vineyard is passed through generations – unforced, naturally and with patience and love.

The castle’s wine cellar is carefully overseen by our oenologist Darinko Ribolica and cellarman Igor Skubin and used to develop premium wines of a sophisticated style in line with the best wines from around the world.

Darinko Ribolica

»My grandfather was among the founders of the first cooperative in Brda, established in 1921, which preceded the current Klet Brda winery. Viticulture is in my blood. I love my job because it changes every year. Every harvest is different and there is no one true recipe for success. We need to adapt to the circumstances and the nature, which calls for constant learning and improvement. My work is dynamic and unpredictable and I love that.«

Igor Skubin

»I take pride in the effort and care devoted to turning sweet grapes in wines of the highest quality. I love to experiment and innovate and I am happy to share my vast experience – I have been working at the winery for 27 years – with my younger colleagues.«