A limited series of manually disgorged sparkling wine in magnum bottles, left to mature on lees for as much as 60 months.




12,5% vol





Residual sugar:

2,3 g/l

Grass-covered vineyards are grown on steep terraced slopes where most of the work is done by hand. The grapevines are planted on the best sunlit sites and trained mostly according to the single Guyot system. All the vineyards are IO to 50 years old and included in integrated farm management systems.

Each grape variety is processed separately. Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Ribolla Gialla ferment for 7 months in individual stainless steel tanks, resulting in base wines with an alcohol level of 11%. The three varieties are then blended and poured into 1.5-litre bottles, where secondary fermentation takes place and the wine matures on the lees – sur lie – for at least 6 years. Finally, the bottles are manually disgorged and a liqueur without any additional sugar is added (pas dose). Number of bottles: 400-800 per year.

The sparkling wine is yellow-green and gold in colour. Its tiny delicate bubbles are vibrant and energetic. The aroma is complex and charming with traits of dried fruit and a touch of bread crust. Its character is distinctly mineral with a pronounced citrusy freshness. Flavours of white and citrus fruits are completed by a full-bodied mouthfeel and a balanced minerality that culminate in a convincing and long finish.

Serve cooled at 6-8°C, ideally as an aperitif paired with sushi or shrimps.